Please Help Name Our Fine Craft Company

My partner and I are selling colorfully painted plates, platters, mugs etc. She is a retail store owner. I am an artist. I have painted murals for her and signs in the past. She came to me with this idea of painting ceramics and selling them retail and wholesale eventually. Majority of ceramics will have Bible scripture on them. we may branch off from ceramics eventually too, so we dont want to confine the name to ceramics only. We want the name to be fun but not have us mistaken for a kid’s store. Some names we have so far: Leap of Faith, Lizzy Dee Designs (my family calls me lizzy, hers calls her Dee), Lizzy Deesigns, Divine by Design ( there are tons of businesses named Divine Designs which made us steer away from this), and Butterfly Blessings.

Would love for the company name to point us in direction of a definite logo. Ex: Devine by Design–we could have a vine in our logo.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Paint By (The) Word
  • Painted Scripture

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