Name Our Green Wedding Venue

My partner and I are in the process of creating a business plan for a wedding venue that will be totally “green” and of high standards. The venue’s architecture will be a cross between mediterranean and contemporary. (Contemperranean.)

We would like help with the name of our business. The venue will be named later on when we’ve generated enough interest with investors. But for now we are experiencing mental blocks every time we try to name the business. We would like something catchy but not corny. A name that will grab attention from investors but also sound professional. My favorite was a simple “Engage, Inc.” But I found that the name was already Incorporated. Could you please make some suggestions?


Jay’s Answer:

  • Here are a few names to get you thinking:
  • Ever After, Inc.
  • Green Leap, Inc.
  • Nubile, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Name Our Green Wedding Venue

  1. How about ‘Events To Cherish’ as the name of the venue. That way you can advertise other events and not just weddings. You have scope to then move into other areas of business in the future. Good luck.

  2. did you ever decide on a name? I would be interested to know details about this venue that you opened, location, type of investors, how you made it green. thanks for your time and hope to hear soon :)

    good luck with everything.

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