Seeking Endorsements For Clients

I have recently started a PR company and I am looking to obtain endorsement deals for my clients. They range from DJ’s to Athletes (female none of them Major league sports). I have been beating my head up against the wall. Is there a typical presentation or best method to achieve this?


Jay’s Answer: You need to look at two things: the public perception of each of your clients and companies that target the same demographic that your clients connect with.

Let’s pick a DJ. Who are the people that follow him (or her) around? Where are they located? Who raves about them? Who loves their choice in music? What age range? Gender? Spending habits? Are they seen as “clean-cut” or are they a “bad boy” (getting in trouble with the law)? Given this, look to companies who are trying to sell things to the same people who are the DJs fans. There’s a risk to a company if their celebrity spokesperson has some “moral issues” – so the images need to align.

Your presentation must detail: how much of a fan base the client has, who they are, if there’s any conflicts of interest (i.e., they are vegan), what they will and won’t do (wear logo-ed clothing, print ads, etc.).

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