Dubai Jewelry Business Name For B2B And B2C

I am  looking to set up showroom and office in Dubai, UAE and website for Online sales . The business will be B2b and B2C and mainly consist of Gold, platinum,silver jewelry with Diamond and real color stones. I want to have some catchy name which is easy to remember ,good for online marketing (meaning not too long) and at the same time should imply what the business is about. I was thinking about Nirup Jewels from my sons name but not quiet satisfied.


Jay’s Answer: Nirup Jewels won’t mean anything to most people. That’s not a good or bad thing, but basically a blank slate. The magical “catchy name” that everyone remembers the first time they hear it, and is recalled instantly when someone needs jewelry is a fantasy.

If you’re looking for a name for B2C, you’d want something that appeals to your target market (which is…?). If you’re looking for a name for B2B, you’d probably want something a bit more “corporate” (such as: Dubai Diamonds).

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