Need Tagline For DMA Show/campaign

My company (which is an umbrella company for 92 companies that provide specialty printing and direct marketing solutions) is exhibiting at the upcoming DMA show for the first time branded as “XYZ Company.” This will be our first big splash in the national marketplace where we are not going as 10 or 12 separate entities, rather a single company offering multiple unique, customizable business and marketing solutions.

We have settled on a loose theme/message that focuses on the customer and their uniqueness and individuality: YOU. “You-nique” and “It’s all about you” sort of themes. But, we are in need of a clever tag line to use for the show and in all supporting marketing materials (booth, signage, microsite, collateral, business cards, direct mail, etc).

Some words that define our company’s offerings are: customizable, innovative, unique, creative, solutions – but customization really stands out because every customer and every project is different. We do not provide “out of the box” solutions, but we meet with customers to determine how our products/services will make them more successful in their business.

Like I said, we are playing off of the word YOU in our creative design elements, with customizable Y-O-U’s. And phrases like “Find your Uniqueness” and “Be Unique. Be You” and “Uniquely You” keep bouncing around.


Jay’s Answer: My first reaction is your message isn’t unique. Dig deeper – why are the benefits to your “multiple unique, customizable business and marketing solutions”? Focus on why a prospective client would care about your offering – that’s more interesting to them.

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