Ideas For A Open Public Night At Retail Outlet

Our airport is looking at running an open night for the public to increase retail spend when the actual airport is closed for passenger traffic i.e., after 7pm. We would open up our retail area to the public to increase retail spend, trying to think of some innovative ideas to drive awareness of this night and to encourage members of the public to come down to the airport and do their shopping!we are on average 25% cheaper than high street shops on items from clothing to perfume. Any ideas??


Jay’s Answer: It’s an interesting concept. First, focus on the difference in experience between the airport and high street shops. Airport shops tend to be about efficiency – making it easy to purchase something, but not necessarily luxuriating in the shopping experience. Can you soften the airport’s retail area to add environmental ambiance? For example: music, dining on the tarmac, a runway/catwalk show, or even an event on a (parked) plane?

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