Business With Passion: Fun & Games


Episode theme: Guests who make a living infusing more fun & games into people’s lives.

Dan Zelinsky (a fifth generation San Franciscan) is the owner of Musée Mécanique – one of the world’s largest (over 200) privately owned collection of coin-operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade machines in their original working condition – all of which can be played by visitors. Peep shows (early San Francisco scenes/bawdy comedy), fortune tellers, photo booth, and several games of chance and skill are among the many arcade attractions with several nickelodeons, music boxes and the original mechanical farm. A hand crafted carnival is fully automated… dozens of fascinating attractions and distractions including a sensational 1914 San Francisco exposition gypsy fortune teller. And of course, Laughing Sal. Any worn or broken parts are manufactured on the premises and most repairs are done in house by the Musée Mécanique staff. He can often be found roller skating inside the arcade.

Phone: (415) 346-2000

Michael McGinnis is an artist and inventor of Perplexus – a complex, 3-dimensional labyrinth that can be traced by a ball bearing. Working on Superplexus and its derivatives is a lifelong passion. Michael has an MFA in sculpture and teaches at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he is also the Art Gallery Exhibits Specialist.


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