Name my Bridal Consultancy!

I am in the process of starting my own Bridal Consultant/Wedding Planning business and need to come up with a catchy name/tagline.  I’m sure you have heard this before but I am so stumped on a name that everyone else has not used.


Jay’s Answer: The fantasy is that a catchy name/tagline will start your business off with a “bang”. The name will suddenly get people to pay attention to your business, remember its name, tell all their friends about it, and flood you with more business than you can handle. It’s a fantasy.

Sure, a great name is important. But a great name doesn’t arise because you want something catchy. A great name is created from knowing exactly who you’re targeting, what problem of theirs you solve, what makes you better, etc. This is the essence of a marketing strategy. Without it, you’ll print up a bunch of business cards, create a website, maybe even get a business license and lease a building and..wait for people to show up and throw their money at you.

I can create all sorts of names that are catchy/unique, but if they don’t fit who you’re targeting, you’re starting with a deficit. For example, if you named your business “White Dreams” it won’t tell people much. But instead if you called your business “Phoenix Bridal Consultants” then people would understand who you’re targeting (brides located in Phoenix-area). That’s just one simple example.

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