Situations Where A Boy Of 8 Saves The Day For TV?

I need some situations demonstrating a boys ability to save the day because he has had a special milk which makes him taller, stronger and sharper. Also a mother has to be seen in a passive role where she give him the milk. In addition to this like the example given below I need him to champion a situation displaying his Taller Stronger and Sharper qualities. One thought which is sort of ok is, there is a match being played and the boy cannot see past the people cos they are all taller than him. He tries in vain. Then we cut to the product window where we see the story of the special milk which is supposed to help children grow in many ways. When we come back to the situation with the boy he has now got an idea runs to the wall behind all the people and demonstrates the 3 qualities of Taller, Stronger and Smarter by trying several times to climb the wall managing it then swinging him self onto a tree from the wall and sitting in it to watch the match with a view that is now way above the heads of the people that were blocking him.


Jay’s Answer: It sounds like you’re creating “Superboy”, a mild-mannered child who when things get difficult, drinks up and transforms him/herself into “Superboy/girl”. That could mean stopping traffic to save a puppy crossing the road, catching up to wildlife in a local park to get closer to them, etc.

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