Name My Woman’s Clothing Boutique

I need help naming a women’s clothing boutique. Looking to sell trendy contemporary clothing for women ages 20-45. Most of the clothing would be transitional – work to evening. The store will be located on Elm Street in Westfield, NJ. The two names I’ve been receiving good feedback on are “The Dressing Room” and “T.W.O on Elm” (the T&W are the first initials of names)


Jay’s Answer: “The Dressing Room” gives a hint of what you’re selling, while “T.W.O. on Elm” could be the name of a restaurant. Instead of trying to incorporate first initials, focus on names that are likely to appeal (and your age range might be a bit wide – 20-year olds dress likely dress differently from 45-year olds).

Other ideas: “Trendy Nights” or “Evening Wear Boutique”.

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