New Taxation Class – How to Get More Students

I am having a Computer Institute teaching computer and other course. I want to know some good ideas to market my new taxation courses and attract more student. please help me in this regard. I am only person to teach this course in my city.


Jay’s Answer: Because you’re the only one to offer such a course, you have an advantage and a disadvantage. Your advantage is that you’ve got a monopoly – if someone wants to learn locally, they must attend your class. The disadvantage is that the awareness for your course in general might be low, and having competitors actually raises the awareness of the need for your offering. And that’s the key – focus on why someone (who specifically?) really needs to take this class NOW. Why would waiting to take the course potentially be a bad thing to them? What specific advantages would your course offer to their business/community? Why should they trust you to teach them this?

As for how to convey your message – first focus on who you’re trying to attract, and then figure out what method of communication would be the most efficient – flyers? Email? Social media? Television? Radio? Advertisements?

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