Name My New Gym

Can you think of a name for a gym that is upstairs (20 Stairs to be exact) and downtown in a small town. We would like more of a masculine name and one quick word, well two at the most. The room looks like a loft with top of the line equipment in it. Really nice laid out and design. Very private and airy – lots of windows. Hope my description helps. It is used mostly by professional females but we would like to attract more males. Thanks for your time. Meet you at …….


Jay’s Answer:  Given the information you provided, here are some suggested names:

  • 20 Stairs Gym
  • 20 Stairs To Fit
  • The Upstairs Gym

As far as the names you’ve chosen, without understanding more about your target market, demographic, unique selling proposition (USP), competition, etc. – all I can do is guess. And a guess does not truly benefit your business goals.

Names are also a tricky balance. You can pick something straightforward (“Karen & Joe’s Gym”) – it might be boring, but it’s obvious what you’re offering. Or, pick something clever-sounding (“Fat Shed”) and then spend time/money explaining what it is you offer (perhaps with an associated tagline and/or supplementary marketing materials).

Names don’t matter as much as you think – it’s the experience that matters. A name might be easier to spell/remember, but if the feel isn’t right, all the work you spend on a name is wasted time/energy.

That’s why I strongly urge my clients to focus first on their business/marketing strategy. After that’s nailed down, work on the naming, since all the information you need to evaluate the “right” name will come from this document.

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