What Are The Best Practices Of Web Video?

We’re developing a greater online focus of content marketing. This will include online video in hopes that it will generate a positive experience by adding value to the user’s business.

I’m trying to find some research or specific best practices as to what format is best for the web experience. What is driving my search is there is a preference within the powers that be for well produced segments – almost a news report style – for our video. I suspect this is unnecessary and may even hinder the user experience. My thought is video should rarely be over 2 minutes and should be relentless on its focus on the content, not the production.


Jay’s Answer:  If you’re thinking of video, make sure you have a visual message.  Not all messages are visual (some are better in writing, some simply spoken) and not all spokespersons are video-friendly.

#1 – make sure you have great audio. People will put up with a grainy visual if the sound is crisp.

#2 – make sure that the video plays quickly for casual viewers. If it takes “too long” to load/play, people won’t wait.

#3 – shorter = better. If you have a lot of information to convey, try doing smaller chunks that string together (but could be played out-of-sequence).

#4 – closed captioning support for people with hearing difficulties

#5 – as in all forms of communication, keep the message simple (and easy to follow). Tell what you’re going to talk about, talk about it, and summarize. Too much information = overload.

#6 – if you have to choose between (for budget reasons) a great looking video and a well-scripted video, choose the well-scripted. While eye candy is sexy, it’s also easily forgotten.

#7 – great results don’t require big budgets, but do require a creative team who understands your message, your needs, your budget, and the technology.

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