Promoting Rural BPO In India

Please suggest marketing/ PR ideas that would help generate visibility and (more importantly) clientele for a rural BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) that provides back office & call center services in India? This respected BPO has the ability to provide high quality services at 40% lower costs than urban BPOs. With a all women employees, this progressive venture is based on the idea that social values can be achieved through the private marketplace. Despite satisfying business & social needs, the primary problem faced is the mindset of potential clients. Even with impressive testimonials from their global clients, the domestic mindset is typified by lack of confidence in the infrastructure and quality level of work in villages.

What PR/ marketing tools would you suggest, to help alter this outdated mindset, thus attracting greater clientele?


Jay’s Answer: You have two basic options: (1) spend time to re-educate people who have the outdated mindset or (2) find people who would appreciate the benefit you’re selling.

Re-education takes time, but the best way to prove yourself is social proof: testimonials, case studies, etc. You want to help people see that using your BPO will save them money AND produce great results.

Finding people who are sensitive to your business can be done by looking at what charities they support, co-market with, or reading about the backgrounds of the owners of the businesses. You want to showcase how their values align with yours.

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