Clarifying The Mission & Message Of Our Organization

Working with a website/marketing/social media organization. The CEO wants to craft the mission statement of the company; for internal employees and to publicize his philosophy to the world. The original idea was “Changing the Way Businesses Behave”, but that really isn’t what they do; he wants to discover the core heart of a company and share clients’ marketing/social/human face to the world. He is sold on the word remarkable —not meaning amazing, but meaning that others will remark, message, refer, tweet, and share about the organization. He wants to discover the heart and soul of his clients’ organization and message their their unique brand via social media and get others to “remark” about them. Any mission/tagline thoughts on this one? I am stumped.


Jay’s Answer: Mission statements tend to be an exercise in futility. You get something that everyone agrees on, says nothing, and does nothing for the people in the organization.

As for a tagline, consider: “Our Business Is To Make Your’s Remarkable”

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