Tagline For Shipping Discount Gateway

Our company offers substantial discounts to small and medium sized businesses off of published rates for major US and global couriers. We desperately need a tagline for voicemail greetings and marketing materials. Want to emphasize that it’s not just a discount service, but an amazing one! We’re trying to bring a little hospitality to transportation and logistics. Something like that yet not as cheesy. Jay, company name is Transportality. We differ from other companies because we offer access to couriers at significant discounts, don’t charge anything to our clients for our services, and handle all of their shipping issues (disputes, etc.) through a dedicated account representative. Our services are fulfilled by major US and global couriers and our gateway is protected by 128 bit SSL encryption.


Jay’s Answer:

  • The Discount Business Courier Solution
  • Shipped Everywhere. Savings Everyday.

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