Ideas For Valentine’s Day Promotion

For a retail business (furniture, white goods, electrical appliances) what could be a best valentines day promotion?


Jay’s Answer: The best promotion depends entirely on two things: (1) your store’s branding and (2) your customers’ needs.

To start with, are there products that you expect to sell more of for Valentine’s Day? If you were a florist, a jeweler, a restaurant owner, or even a candy shop owner, that would be an easy “yes”. If not, then what’s the association you’re trying to make with a holiday that your customer wouldn’t naturally think of. For example, “show your love with a new sofa” or “Flowers last a week. Our appliances have a lifetime warranty”.

Maybe you offer free kitchen makeover for the first person that proposes to their boy/girlfriend in your store (that you can video). A well-edited video of the proposal might make for some good viral marketing of your store for the weeks after.

Or, maybe you cross-promote with another business that is more Valentine’s Day focused or create an event ($10 raffle tickets – winner is picked on Valentine’s Day – winner gets a bedroom makeover valued at $$$$).

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