Bringing In More Companies To United Arab Emirates

I have two companies:

1- General contracting and general transportation
2- Business set up in UAE.

Like I arrange a local sponsor and manage all government transactions.  The question how shall i get new companies in UAE ? If any foreign company would like to establish company, factory…or any business in uae how shall i knew them before they start as services is to establish their companies and arrange their visas.


Jay’s Answer: You need to establish yourself (your company) as creating business introductions to UAE. That means making personal introductions to business owners, government organizations, NGOs, etc.  By establishing your value in networking,  you’ve positioned your organization as a UAE “concierge” – making it easier to do business.

Start by taking a look at:,,, and These organizations have positioned themselves for businesses interested in doing business in UAE to connect with. Can you become a trusted vendor with them? Can you model your marketing after them? Can you do something they cannot? Can you target a country or industry that’s not well-served by these organizations? That’s where I’d start.

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