Rebranding our Green Business

When we named our business, we did not realize how important it is that the name reflect what we do, although in a way it has worked out as we can add other segments under the main umbrella name. We are rebranding our business–have a new GoGreen logo, which is incorporated into a new look for our business cards, stationery, etc.  However, we need some kind of tag line or a “six-word memoir”.

Our product lines are:  

1.  Stand-alone air purifiers which remove pollutants from indoor air and permanently and quickly eliminate odors–provides healthier air, relief for allergy and asthma sufferers, removes toxins from household cleaners, sprays, outgassing from furniture carpets, etc., and greatly helps realtors with listings suffering from tobacco smoke, pet odors, etc.  This is done with no chemicals or replacement filters.  The different versions range from pocket size portable for use in the car, hotel room, etc., 1 tiny room like a powder room, 1 normal-size room, dorm room, or small apartment, to one that covers the entire house.  There is even one to wear when flying or in tight crowded places like theaters, doctors waiting rooms, etc.

2.  A counter-top unit that produces instant antioxidant, alkaline drinking water with various pH levels to choose from as well as acidic water for many household uses.  It eleminates the need for disposable plastic water bottles, and many household cleaning products, while providing safe drinking water that more effectively hydrates the body than many other beverages.

3.  A small appliance that naturally pretreats water before it enters the washing machine, making it possible to get clean, sanitized laundry using no hot water, no detergent, bleach or fabric softener, and no chemicals.  It protects the environment by eliminating chemicals from the water and it also prevents skin irritations and rashes caused by detergent residue.

4.  A small appliance that, when installed into your power box, actually helps to conserve energy, protect and prolong the life of electrical appliances and electronic equipment.

5.  We also carry a line of very absorbably, all natural food-based nutritional products.

Our previous taglines were:  “Indoor Pollution Solutions” and  “Indoor Pollution, Wellness, Energy Conservation and Money-Saving Solutions”.   On the back of our current business cards, we say, “We Purify the Air You Breathe, the Water You Drink, the Clothes You Wear and the Electric You Use”.  That, too, is kind of long and still doesn’t reflect the whole story.

Do you have any suggestions on taglines or 6-word memoir that can somehow convey what we in just a few words?


Jay’s Answer:  The good news is it’s never too late to improve your business/marketing message.

But if you’re trying to holistically change your rebranding effort, you need to consider the bigger picture. For example, your website is a cookie-cutter website that doesn’t convey the image you’re hoping to present: professional, health-conscious, modern, and effective. The website makes it look like you’re basically a reseller of products, not a specialist in solving wellness issues. By positioning yourselves as specialists, you’re saying “this is all that we do – making your life better” rather than “want to buy what I’m selling?”

Next, you asked about a tagline. Because your business name says nothing about what you sell (or for who), it’s up to the tagline to clearly articulate it. “Indoor Pollution Solutions” doesn’t convey a clear benefit to the reader. “Indoor Pollution” isn’t a problem that most people are thinking they have, so they wouldn’t consider “Indoor Pollution Solutions” something to be remembered. You also have to be careful making any health claims – the FDA is very specific on what you can and can’t say about “wellness and health solutions”.

A tagline needs to convey a primary (and hopefully unique) benefit your customers care about. It’s not about the products you sell – it’s how your products makes your customers feel. For example:

  • Feel Better, Breathe Easier
  • Cherry Hill’s Quality of Life Specialists


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