Best Link Structure For Recruiting(jobs) Site

I am start working with one website that allows companies to post jobs on it. So I am start thinking about the best way to structure the data on it. At the moment I really like structure of google jobs section, Kinda like:

%Jobs(or any other keyword)% › %Country% › %City% › %Job category%› %Job Name%

So what do you think about this site structure from the SEO point of view? Because I really want to implement strong internal linking strategy in this project.It will be website that will be focused on job posting in only one Europe country. So I think that the jobs primary need to be sorted by cities right?


Jay’s Answer:   If it’s only for one country, then ensure the city + country name are always shown together. That’ll help SEO (for example, search for “jobs in berlin germany”.

The order you’re showing assumes that people are looking for a job in a specific city, rather than focusing on what the job is (“show me all jobs for tech support”) or starting salary (“show me all jobs that pay over ….”).

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