Catchy Name For Internal CRM Newsletter

I’m trying to think of a name for our newsletter that is going to our internal marketing folks. It is primarily focused on sharing best practices for all campaign types (call campaigns, emails, direct mail, etc) using internal and external case studies. We’ll also be highlighting new functionality available with our CRM System. My colleague sends out something similar related to the Social/Digital world and calls it ‘Digital Juice’ – I’m trying to think of something that’s catchy and fun like that but still convey what the newsletter will include. We work in the motorsports industry if that helps with any ideas. Some people have mentioned piggybacking on the Digital Juice name and making it the ‘CRM Omelette’ or something like that. At this point I’m open to anything…..HELP!!!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Vroom Marketing
  • Squeal Appeal

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