Name Our 3 Charity Events

We are creating an event. Grapes & Ale in July at Progressive Ball Park in July. The grocer that is sponsoring has asked that we co-promote with 2 other charities that they sponsor. Ours is Grapes & Ale…A Benefit Celebration of Fine Wine, Blues, Brew and BBQ! October: Beer Week to benefit The Jimmy Malone Scholarship Fund and November: World Series of Wine to benefit WVIZ/PBS.

We need to come up with a tagline for Heinens the Grocer that supports all three charity events  that they reach out to the community. Something clever….Heinens asks “us” the charities to come up with way to co promote each event as well.


Jay’s Answer: It’s a bit tricky to come up with an umbrella name since there’s not much to connect the 3 events other than “alcohol” and “benefits” – different months, different beneficiaries, and perhaps different venues as well.

Here are some off-the-top suggestions to play with:

  • (Heinens Presents:) Fun Events With Benefits
  • (Heinens Presents:) Drinking Has Its Benefits
  • (Heinens Presents:) 3 Toasts For 3 Charities

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