Name Suggestions For A Kids Business Club

I work at an Arts & Cultural Center. This summer we are going to start a kids business club. Any suggestions for the name of the club?

The purpose is to interest kids in entrepreneurship and managing money. We have a summer arts program and want to include a business type class this year. We plan to have a big yard/estate sale and have the kids learn how to plan, set-up, make things to sell, market, budget and manage money. Hopefully this business program can be successful and continue even after the summer program is done.

The name should appeal to the public, so they are aware that we offer such a thing and would be interested in buying or donating to the cause, but also appeal to the kids who would want to participate. We are The Niagara Arts & Cultural Center, known as The NACC (pronounced like knack). I’m thinking something like The NACC’s knack, or Nickle NACCs Club, NACCs Niche, KnickNACC’s Club, NnickNACC’s Nickle Club.


Jay’s Answer: The problem with the names you’ve proposed is that you’re trying to shoehorn NACC into something “cute”. The end doesn’t seem to focus on the benefit you’re offering.

Instead, consider: “Kids Making Money” or “Niagara Kids Entrepreneur Club”.

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