Need Direct Mail Ideas For Quit Smoking Campaign

I am looking for some help with creative ideas for a 3D direct mail campaign for quit smoking services through hypnosis and NLP. I’d like to target businesses to offer this service as a workplace package and staff incentive. The key messages that I need to convey are that it’ll increase productivity in the workplace by decreasing smoke breaks and therefore increase the business’s bottom line; it’ll improve employees’ health therefore portraying the business’s commitment to its staff and it’ll improve team morale by getting rid of the segmentation between smokers and non-smokers.
We’ve chosen 3d to stand out from the clutter of other direct mail and to be memorable. Our budget is approx AUD20-25/ pack and targeting either business owners or HR responsible for staff incentives in predominantly construction/mining/govt dept/hospitals. Proven effectiveness is that 95.6% of clients are non-smokers for life after one session but a lifetime guarantee is offered in that if a person starts smoking again they get as many subsequent sessions as required free of charge. I hope that gives more clarification and thanks again.


Jay’s Answer: The clear benefit you offer is a guarantee to save the business owners money. Focus your message on this – perhaps an empty pack of cigarettes wrapped with (or filled with) dollars. That’s a simply message showing what smoking “costs” the business and the benefit of your offer.

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