Name/tagline For Microsoft Office Training Business

I need to find a name to start an independent corporate training company. I’ve been the lead Microsoft Office Master Instructor for corporate clients for close to 10 years for a leading training company here (Bahamas). Now I want to leverage that experience to branch off on my own as an independent corporate trainer. My target market would be strictly corporate companies in various industries who fully rely on computers in office environments. The focus is CEO’s Executives and young professionals and I would come to the client’s location to conduct the training.I am considering using my name Kesheller Kerr Training to brand myself but I want other options.I wanted to known for being the most talented and qualified Microsoft Office trainer in the country and need a name and tagline that represents that. I would like to use the word “Training” as all the other companies here don’t.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Bahamas Master Training
  • Bahamas Corporate Training

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