Name My Upscale Clothing Company

I’m opening a women retail/resale upscale clothing company called STASH. Im thinking : your neighborhood supplier of… Or dealers in upscale retail and resale. The reason I picked the name is cause shopping is the drug of choice for many women but that doesn’t say what kind of store I am. The word stash doesn’t describe it either. Please help me I’m about to sign my lease and print my cards as well as signage!!! Thanking you in advance:)


Jay’s Answer: The problem you’re finding with STASH is that it doesn’t say anything about anything. Your internal reason for picking the name isn’t a good public answer to the question “Why is your store named STASH?”. Your customers don’t want to think of themselves as addicts.

As far as a tagline is concerned, you need to start with the basics: what do you offer in your neighborhood that’s unique/better than your competition? To who (What age women? What demographic? Looking for what type of garments? For everyday wear or special occasion? Hard-to-fit sizing? Special fabrics? )

These types of questions are vital to help you focus your goals before you sign your lease. After you sign it, how will you attract the right people to your store? You don’t want to start guessing after the “pressure is on” to start covering your expenses. You want to have a set of clear goals and milestones to get the results you’re looking for.

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