Name my Zimbabwe Women’s Store

I’m opening up an international store that caters to woman, we got shoes, clothes,hair,skin and beauty products. i need a catchy classy and sexy name. the store is located in Harare Zimbabwe and in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, but its an online store as well. age range is 18-50+. we have skin care products for all skin types, hair extensions, wigs and weaves, sexy and classy clothes, shoes and accessories, diet pills and solution gels.


Jay’s Answer: (Aside: Women who are 20 are unlikely to be interested in products that cater to 40 year-olds, and the same’s true for 40 and 60 year-old women. Your age range is too wide to effectively interest “all women between 18-50+”. Furthermore, not everyone will have the same skin needs, hair needs, clothing needs, etc.)

As for a name, it should appeal to prospective customers in your region. If you’re unsure what would appeal – start talking to women in your area and asking them for advice. Here’s a suggestion to also consider: “Internationally Lovely”.

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