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I run a small construction / renovation company. We specialize in the higher end of the market. Most of our work comes through referrals, but I’d like to advertise on occasion, to fill in the slower periods. We take care of everything for our clients, design, permit acquisition and of course the construction. I want to convey an image of boutique service. Help me create a new image! Company name… logo image… tagline… suggestions?


Jay’s Answer: First, why change your name? Presumably you’ve been in business awhile (since most of your work comes from referrals) – why lose the name that people remember you by?

Next, what does “boutique service” mean for your company? What services do you (now) do that you haven’t before? How do you differ from other companies? Design, permits, etc. are the normal way construction companies (at least those I’m familiar with) operate in my area.

Are people paying more for “boutique service”? Rather than focus on the service, focus on the results. Focus on the overjoyed clients who love your work that came in under budget and early. Focus on the energy saving design or award-winning designs.

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