How to Start Our Event Company?

We are a group of young graduates and we want to start an Event Management company in Mauritius. We will organise receptions of weddings, anniversaries, cocktail parties and other events. We are targeting only high profile people: individuals and corporate. Can you give me some idea about how we can proceed?


Jay’s Answer: Start with a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis to see how your proposed company would fit into the existing social “scene” in Mauritius. How would your company be better/different from the existing competition? What groups of people aren’t served (well)?

Next, realize that individuals and corporate clients have very different needs, and therefore you’ll need different marketing to communicate to each group. Better to focus on either individuals or corporate clients (at first) to make it easier to get known for that niche.

Lastly, unless you will also be creating a venue for the parties, introduce yourselves to existing venues that are rented for parties/events by your target audience. Find out their needs, and find out how you can partner with them.

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