Client Nostalgia Driving Bad Logo Design

Our client is a 50-year-old family company. They are looking to polish their identity. They have used an apple as part of their identity for 50 years. They are highly recognized by their local audience by the apple. The logo solution obviously needs to keep the apple. The problem is, the client has also been using a clip-art crane in the logo for a number of years. The logo evolved to this point because the family realized the obvious, their audience wouldn’t associate them with the crane/construction industry with their script logo and apple. We’ve gone to great lengths trying to explain to them the drawbacks of the crane and how it makes the company look like a mom and pop. They won’t let the crane go. There are so many obvious logo design issues to list here, when you consider the solution must use the apple, and the boom needs to remain inside the apple to meet the families requirements. The family is convinced the logo needs a crane to be recognized it is a supplier of large cranes for heavy lifting.


Jay’s Answer: Why not have their clients have a say in the logo picking. Let them vote on the design – with a donation to a favorite charity as the contest prize? It’s not what you think, it’s not what the client thinks, it’s what the public thinks/remembers that ultimately counts.

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