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I own a shopper marketing company in New Zealand and am planning an ad campaign in some trade magazines next year. Currently the draft copy reads “Shopper marketing is the antidote to the downward spiral of discounting and price promotions. Flashlite Media shopper marketing can add value to the shopper experience in store and beyond. Now with more formats than ever before, including floor decals, shelf talkers and leaflet dispensers to enhance your customer’s in store experience. If you’re an FMCG retailer looking to boost sales and enhance your customer’s experience in store let’s get in touch”

I would really appreciate any feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Jay’s Answer: You’re selling what you offer, but without any clear specific benefit (“ the antidote to the downward spiral…” has no proof – just your opinion). Instead of selling your menu of services, can you tell them a story of someone you’ve worked with that they can relate to?

Aside: I wrote a brief article on this topic here:

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