Name/Tagline For Speech Therapy Private Practice

I need a name for my Speech & Language Therapy private practice. I am a certified Speech-Language Pathologist serving children and adolescents with a variety of communication disorders. I would like a business name and simple tagline that have emotional power and that capture the concern that keeps parents up at night. Speech and communication challenges are serious to parents, so I want to avoid cute slogans and/or puns. I would like a name that speaks to the concerns and hot buttons of both my consumer (parents) and referral sources (MDs, teachers, etc.). Names under consideration are SPEAKtacular Speech-Language Therapy; Clearly Speaking…; or KidSPEAK to name a few, with the following possible tag lines: “Helping Children Find their Voice”, “or perhaps “Talking is Child’s Play”.


Jay’s Answer: If the practice is just you, then why not keep it simply professional:

Jane Smith
Child/Adolescent Speech & Language Therapist

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