Catchy Name To Encompass Sport Education Workshops

The Lethbridge Sport Council is a not-for-profit that receives municipal funding. There are two staff and a volunteer Board of Directors of 19 individuals. We have five volunteer committees within our organization which include Education & Development, Marketing & Communication, Governance/Executive, Sports Bid and Sport Tourism.

We are a ‘voice for sport’ and a ‘one-stop-shop for sport’ in our community; we represent sport groups in Lethbridge and assist them with things such as marketing and promotions, writing bid packages for events, volunteer management, fund development initiatives, event planning, long term athlete development and recently have started coordinating a series of sport education workshops. We would like a branding title to encompass all of the workshops we offer, host or sponsor. With this ‘umbrella’ title we want our community to associate the workshops with our organization.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Sporting Edge
  • Sports Hub
  • Sports Central
  • Sporting Voice


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