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I am about to create a post card for a direct mailer and i need help creating a tagline. My center name is Spring
House Early Learning. Its a nursery/preschool.


Jay’s Answer: It doesn’t sound like you’re looking for a tagline (for your business) – you’re looking for a headline (for your postcard) to encourage people to take a few minutes to read your mailer.

A headline needs to be written in a way that talks to the person who’s your ideal customer (parents of toddlers). What’s on their minds? Safety. Cost. Opportunities. Convenience. Community. Values.

There are no doubt many nursery/preschools in your area. What makes yours the right choice for a child/parent? What do you offer that others don’t? What have parents commented upon?

That’s where I’d start in crafting a custom-tailored headline for your postcard. And the headline is just the beginning – there’s the offer, the imagery, the address label, the stamp, the timing of the mailing, etc.

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