Tagline And Name Needed For Charity Pet Shop!

I am having some difficulty coming up with a name for an online pet shop that will be donating it’s proceeds to local shelters and animal rescue organizations. We will be selling collars, accessories, coats, etc., but not supplies like crates and such. I am located in a fairly upscale suburban neighborhood in Ohio, and there is a possibility that we may open an actual shop in this location as well. Right now we are focused on the online store, though, and I cannot seem to come up with an original idea! Most combinations of home, rescue, shelter, pet, paws, etc. are already taken by different rescue groups.

I did like the tagline “collars for a cause”, but that’s already a charity. Considered “helping homeless pets” as a tag but it doesn’t seem to convey the retail end of things, just sounds warm and fuzzy.

All of our items are original designs, and made by hand in the US. We are focused on high quality collars, coats, and leashes, with the possibility of expanding into other items down the road. We will not be carrying anything that can be found in a big-box pet store– everything here is unique, and we also offer customizations to our pieces.


Jay’s Answer: I’d suggest focusing on your primary benefit (original, USA-made), and let your donation be mentioned in your tagline and/or other marketing. For example:

  • Handmade For (4) Paws
  • Fido’s Handmade
  • Lovingly Original Pet Supplies


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