Tagline For Rebranded Wedding/Event Planner

I am in the process of re-branding myself.  I have a graphic designer who has created a new logo for me, but I can’t
seem to come up with a tag line.  I am a wedding and event planer.  Please help!  thanks.


Jay’s Answer: Best wishes on your rebranding. For this effort, I hope you spent time creating a marketing strategy that identifies your target audience (location, demographics, etc.), your unique benefit, lifetime value, etc. If you did, then you have the seeds of ideas for creating a tagline that shares a key meaningful benefit to your audience. Your current tagline “Your inspiration is our inspiration” doesn’t help clarify what you offer, it just echoes your business name.

By providing you with a generic tagline that simply says “I’m a wedding & event planner” won’t do you justice. What you want is a tagline that especially fits your business, which requires a lot more information from you before you can get an effective and fitting tagline.

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