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I am setting up new software services company. I have plans to develop the company into services, training and product development offerings. I believe in simple, innovative yet powerful solutions. I do things quick and different. I am going to establish the company with similar values. I am looking for a tagline for the company which shows that we are different, committed and we offer best solutions. My company name is VNR Technologies. Services offered are: web development, software testing services, and corporate trainings on technologies (Java, .Net, Testing tools like Selenium, webdriver, etc). I am now looking at UK market, but can accept projects from anywhere. We: specialize in agile delivery, use open source technologies where possible (which in turn reduces overall project cost), and have professionals who have experience in various domains.


Jay’s Answer:  Since your company name gives no clue what you offer (or to who), your tagline needs to do all this work. Specifically, who do you plan to offer your services to? Where are they located? Why would they hire you (ignore that you’re quick, different, simple) – what makes you better than the competition? How can you prove it? Are you selling shrink-wrap software? Custom software?

Most of what you list are technology “menu items/features” (Java, .Net, etc.). Your prospective clients aren’t initially thinking this way – they’re looking for help to solve specific problems. For example, you’re the best at developing restaurant software or iPad apps for small businesses.

While “any business which requires assistance in IT development” sounds great, it doesn’t show that you can help them better than any other business that provides such services.

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