Need Help Naming My Online Fashion Store

I have come here because I am in need of a name for my online store. I have searched and searched, however I am unable to come up with something unique and creative. I will be mostly selling on my store party dresses, skirts, accessories. The store will be for girls only, however in the future it could change, so something that is unisex and that would catch people attention would be ideal. I also have to consider the domain, so something that is likely to be available is mainly what I am looking for. It could be two words that rhyme, or a misspelled word, or a made up word. The store is online, and I will be selling worldwide.


Jay’s Answer: If you’re going to start selling to just girls, then pick a name that appeals to them. Otherwise, you’ll have a name that won’t appeal to anyone.

What age girls? Living where? At what parental income level? Why would they want to buy from you? Do you make them by hand? Are you using special fabrics, patterns, styles?

A name alone won’t attract attention unless it’s aligned with those that are looking for what you’re selling.

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