Taglines For A Wireless Broadband Tech Provider

We are a wireless broadband technology provider who are about to participate in a major high-profile technology show. We need some taglines in our booth and in our marcomm material. We are the little guys but we have done big things! We are the first to develop the equipment to deploy the first high-frequency wimax network in the world (I know sounds technical but it means a lot to our target audience ;) ) We have invented our own technology and it has been, tested proven and deployed around the world. Our customers would be any internet service provider which would use wireless technology to supply internet to its customers- not cable. With market leaders and big brands surrounding us in the show, such as Cisco and Motorola, we need to stand out with taglines that are striking, confident and memorable.


Jay’s Answer: I think you’re looking for slogans to attract attention, rather than a tagline for your company. A couple of ideas to play with: “#1 in WiMAX” and “The Wireless Wizards”.

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