Finding Clients For My Reiki Practice

I run a small reiki practice in the UK. and am struggling with marketing over all. I’ve recently been poundng the streets leaving flyers and cards in shops library’seetc and hopefully this “scattergun approach” will pay dividends. Hoever my online marketing is restricted to trying to keep on page 1 of google, bing, yahoo etc. However i was thinking as a marketing novice I’m probably missing a trick with the online strategy ( or lack of ) ( the health system over here ( NHS ) is totally locked down as far as reaching people on or offline, for obvious reasons ). Any ideas appreciated!


Jay’s Answer: Your scattergun approach is likely to leave you very tired and frustrated. Not everyone is likely to become your client nor will everyone be interested in your approach. So, I strongly suggest with focusing on those that are your clients first. How did they find out about you? Why did they choose you? What have they told their friends about you? Then, find more people like them, in similar situations and approach them (through seminars, demonstrations, special offers, etc.).

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