Name Our Dental Clinic

I’m looking really hard to find a suitable name for a high end dental clinic. Our portfolio contains B+, and A + patients, we have the latest technology, and we want to maintain our scientific approach, we don’t want to be trendy or hip, please help me to find a fit name for the clinic. we had a small dentist office for 14 years, and its name was the dentist’s name. Like John Black, DDS. Now we have a big multidisciplinary clinic with 4 dentists working, and we are aiming to instutionalize, still one dentist has the ownership but he doesn’t want to use his name for the new clinic.

Patients are still coming for the dentist of course but we want to be recognized by other possible patients preferably A+ segment. We’ve changed our location, and everything, from the design of the clinic and we have all new equipments and staff. We are in Turkey and we want to be sector leader in our city.


Jay’s Answer: Because you’re in Turkey, it may be better to pick a name that’s Turkish and/or relevant to your A+ segment. Here are some quick suggestions:

  • Dental Central
  • [CityName] Dental Clinic
  • Healthy Smiles (Dental Clinic)

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