Mail Listing For Binary Options Site

Our site is We want to put a web form in it to help our clients subscribe to us with their e-mails and want to have an opinion about where to put the web form to reach highest level of exposure and subscription. In site, star binary options. Guidance materials for building strategy is offered to clients and also trading platforms to do business with.


Jay’s Answer: The key question to consider is: “Will a person stumbling onto your site, quickly understand what you’re selling, and be interested enough in it to give you their contact information?” My suggestion: focus on improving your home page’s content/presentation first, showcase your successes (and those that you’ve taught), and then put the signup form after you’ve presented this key information (or in a side column). If you’re unsure, do an A/B split test to ensure you’ve got the best placement based on traffic/signups.

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