Help Me Name My Wedding and Event Planning Business

I am starting a wedding and event planning business and I need a unique name and tagline. I want cater to those who are in need of help with planning and decorating ideas, also those who are on a budget. Please help!


Jay’s Answer: You’re asking a common question – and the answer is complicated.

To start with, since you’re starting a new business (congrats!), it would be better for you to create a marketing/business strategy document first, then create a name/tagline. Why? Because the name/tagline needs to reflect your target audience. And not everyone in the world would be interested in what you offer. And those that may be interested, not everyone would necessarily choose to work with you. So, the key issues are: getting very clear on your target audience, what makes you unique/different, and why people should trust you.

A business name/tagline should flow from this document/understanding. A name alone won’t suddenly attract people (nor will a tagline). Once you have both of these, the question remains:  How will people find your business? How will you market to them?

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