Event Planning Business Tagline?

Can you help me create a tagline for my new event planning business?  APRELLA Jenkins Elite Events.  I am a visual person; I can envision events (parties, weddings, etc) in any venue (empty loft space, banquet hall, outside, wherever).  I want my clients to know that I can create any event using their ideas and my creativity.  Thanks.


Jay’s Answer: Congratulations on starting a new business!

One of the keys to effective marketing is clearly articulating: who specifically you serve, what makes you unique/better, and why someone should trust you. Right now it sounds like: you’re willing to serve anyone who wants an event, you can create anything, and you’re creative. Unfortunately, that’s not narrow enough so a tagline (or the marketing to follow) is likely to be generic, and therefore, not very effective.

Someone is likely not to hire you because you’re creative with their ideas. They’re likely to hire you because you specialize in what they want: informal weddings, super high-tech corporate events, picnics, etc. Try to consider the world from someone who doesn’t know your perspective. Why should they choose YOU?

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