Senior Care Directory Tagline?

We have a senior care directory business where we sell advertising in the directory, as well as sell advertising space in brochure kiosks that are in various retail locations.  In addition, we offer personal consults/referrals for senior care.  The name of the business is Born to Age and we are looking for a tagline that would convey the message that we are a one stop resource for all your senior care needs.  Any ideas for something catchy that would appeal to the senior communities?


Jay’s Answer:  It sounds like you really have two businesses: one that sells advertising to seniors and another that helps seniors find care. While each of these businesses have something to do with seniors, the people who’d pay for your services are different. And different audiences mean different forms of marketing communication. They each have different needs. Therefore, a single tagline that spans both needs is likely not to be ineffective.

Also, you mentioned a desire for your message to convey “one stop resource for all your senior care needs”. This would seem at first blush to be a message only for your senior target audience, and not necessarily something that they’re looking for. Are they looking for convenience, excellence, appropriateness, etc.? These are all very different needs and would have different messages.

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