Marketing For Small Local Businesses

I am trying to write four or five articles that can help small businesses in their local marketing. So for example it might be a spa or salon that is trying to reach new customers and/or reach their existing customer. So I am looking for topic ideas and perhaps any canned presentations there might be out there to help me get started. So ideas and content. Example might be: How to use google to market locally. Thanks


Jay’s Answer: There are lots of “standard” topics (frequency, eMarketing, building your list, website, SEO, etc.), but it’s likely that your audience has already heard “the usual”. What is your ultimate goal for these articles – to hire your services -or- are you simply providing this information for your membership? If the latter, ask them for their problems/questions and write about what they’re specifically interested in. If the former, then write stories describing local business problems, how you solved it, and the results.

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