Memorable Tagline Required For Creative Company

I’m trying to brainstorm some memorable taglines for my new home-based business Copeland Creative, and would love to solicit your feedback on some of the taglines I’ve created below.

Copeland Creative provides a suite of copywriting and content marketing services to small and medium sized companies located in the Greater Toronto Area. Typical clients include Performing Arts Companies, Advertising Agencies and Cultural Institutions. The company’s unique selling feature will be its highly customized approach, quality content and campaign management, as well as unmatched flexibility and value.

Some of the taglines I’m proposing below are cliche, but I did read somewhere that cliched taglines can contribute to the stickiness factor. Tagline Ideas:

  • Let’s get “Copeland” creative
  • Compelling Content Guaranteed
  • Creating Credible Compelling Content


Jay’s Answer:

Let’s get “Copeland” creative – This repeats your business name, without adding any explanation of what you offer – or to who.

Compelling Content Guaranteed and Creating Credible Compelling Content – I prefer the first of these. But you’re still not telling me anyone about your niche or USP.

If you’re targeting Greater Toronto, then consider mentioning that in your tagline. Your USP (as-mentioned) isn’t unique. Why would someone choose to hire you instead of your competition (anywhere in the world)?

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