Name my Party Planning Business

I’m thinking of starting my own party planning business. My main market will be kids party’s and occasionally other events. I’m having trouble committing to a name and coming up with a tagline to captivate my market audience. There are many party planners but none in my area so marketing my business correctly will be very important starting with a punchy name and tagline.

Here are some of my business names

  • bec’s party planning
  • plans to celebrate
  • V.I.P very important party
  • party prep
  • had a great time
  • start to finish party planning
  • party girl
  • how eventful
  • the party mum


Jay’s Answer: As you’ve discovered, naming a business is tricky. You want to like it. You want your prospective customers to like it. You want it to be memorable. You want it to stand out from your competition. You even want a name that has a matching URL (for your website) to be available.

My naming process begins by digging deeply into the minds of people who are likely to hire you. It’s most important that a name works for them. From there, I try to understand what the business owner’s branding goals are. And from there, generate a number of names that are easy to remember and fit the criteria my client has established.

A “punchy” name isn’t as important as you might think – it depends on your specific target clientele.

My hunch is that none of your names are likely to work well for your business (for a variety of reasons). But without understanding a lot more about the underlying needs of you and your audience, it’s simply my guess.

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