Why Pick Me?

Why choose your business
(Photo by Mark Giles)

Why do people choose to hire your services? You may think you know, but you likely don’t know the whole story. It may be your witty personality. It may be your location. Time of your classes. Parking convenience. Yelp reviews. A great coffee shop next door. Results. Price. But you don’t know unless you dig deeply.

You can start by asking your clients, “Why choose me?” You’ll likely get a set of logical reasons. But no doubt many of your competition would also satisfy these same points.

Ultimately, you’ll need to understand their emotional reasons. How do they feel after working with you? How do you affect their senses? Do they smile more when you’re around? For this sort of observation, you’ll likely need a helper who’s paying attention to all the clues. Perhaps they’ll video your interactions with clients or ask subtle questions during interactions. There are clues everywhere, but you’ll need to tease them out.

Once you understand why people pick you, make that message one of the pillars of your marketing campaigns. It’ll make it easier to find more people who are looking just for you.

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