When To Do a PR Release?

I typically do a PR releases of different articles.  I also send an email with the focus being that same article as in the PR release, however, just have an overview & a link. My
question: Is it better to do the PR release before or after the email blast?  Or
does it not matter?  Which is more effective?


Jay’s Answer: In general, I suggest measuring the results of your actions to see what works best specifically for you.

As for “What’s more effective?” – it matters what you’re measuring. If your press releases are getting picked up by editors, then you’re doing much better than average. Editors are inundated for requests for free coverage of their product/service/event and in most cases, is poorly targeted to their readership. So if your goal is getting press coverage, you’re likely to have better results by developing relationships with editors, and targeting press releases to their readers. But if your goal is to get more SEO juice, then it’s likely not to matter which you do first. Also, if your goal is to get people to open your emails, split test your subject, copy, formatting, and timing to see what produces the highest number of opens (and even better, inquiries & clickthrus).

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